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Frequently Asked Questions

Airbrush Favors

Q: How does it work?
A: You will get choose any 3 items to offer your guests.  Your guests will get to choose 1 of the 3 items offered, then they will Choose a design from our Design Board, and tell us their size and name to be painted on their chosen item.  The assistants will then prep the item to be painted.  Once everything is dry, your guests' item is then bagged and labeled  and includes care instructions.

Q: How many items can your artists get done per hour?
A:  Our artists can get 15-18 items painted per hour.

Q: How do you make sure all kids get the correct size?
A:  We bring plenty of inventory with a variety of sizes.  We will discuss with you what you feel the majority of sizes will be, and provide accordingly.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Prices vary with the amount of items you will need, which items you choose, and how many artists you have at your event.  We can customize a package to meet your budget needs.

Q: How do you know if all the kids receive one?
A:  We will ask for a list of kids' names that will be attending your event.  This will ensure each guest receives an airbrush favor.

Q:How much space do you need?
A: We will need approximately a 10 X 10 area per artist.

Q:  How are the airbrush favors packaged? 
A: Each item is bagged in a clear drawstring bag, labeled with each child's' name, and inserted with care instructions.

Q: How do I care for my airbrushed favor?
A:  It is best to wait 1 week before washing.  Iron on high heat for approximately 5 minutes before washing.  Wash inside out in cold water.  Do not use bleach.  It is best to hang dry.

Q:  Can I place an order to be ready before my event?
A:  Yes, pre-orders are also accepted.  Each item is heat pressed, bagged and labeled for your convenience.

Q:  Can we get a logo on each item?
A:  Yes, depending on your logo, we can have it screen printed in advance, or we can custom cut a stencil for the artists to paint right at your event.  We can also custom design your logo for an additional fee.
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